Laura Yorke



Laura Yorke is a veteran book editor, publisher, literary agent and writer .

She published numerous bestselling and prominent authors, including Maria Shriver, Mary Tyler Moore, Jodi Picoult, Marilou Henner, Sylvia Earle, Barry Paris, Carol Felsenthal, Tracy Thompson, and Michael Weiner-Davis.


As a literary agent as well as freelance editor, her clients include: Henry S. Lodge M.D. and Chris Crowley, bestselling authors of the Younger Next Year books which have sold almost 2 million copies in the U.S. as well as in 22 languages; George Vaillant M.D. , eminent Harvard psychiatrist and bestselling author;  consumer rights activist, Erin Brockovich; Jane Alexander, former NEA Director and Emmy and Tony award winning actress; Aneesh Chopra, first CTO of the United States; Ping Fu, Obama adviser, world-renowned tech superstar, founder of Geomagic Inc. and CSO of 3D Systems Inc ; Jimmy Soni, managing editor of the Huffington Post; Willow Bay, broadcast news reporter and Associate Dean of Journalism at USC; Judy Estrin, Obama adviser andformer Cisco CTO; Oz Garcia celebrity nutritionist;   Alison Thompson, volunteer workerawarded the Medal of Excellence by the US Army and knighted by Queen Elizabeth for her work after the Tsunami and in Haiti ( where she  started and ran Sean Penn’s relief camp); Richard Kirshenbaum, famed advertising CEO and creator of guerilla marketing as well as innovator of branding; Eric Hollander, noted autism researcher and former chief of psychiatry at Mt. Sinai Hospital; Jackie Leo, former Editor-in-Chief of Child, Reader’s Digest and Consumer Reports; Marilyn Berger prize-winning journalist and MYT columnist.; Stewart Harvey, photographer, brother of Burning Man founder Larry Harvey and author of the forthcoming definitive book on Burning Man and his 25 years as an integral and intimate part of it.

Laura served as a contributing editor to Reader’s Digest and co-authored Why Motor Skills Matter (McGraw-Hill), a book for parents on the relationship between sensory integration and motor development.

Laura began her 25 year career at Simon & Schuster, where she worked as an editor at three different imprints before moving to Putnam. From there she co-founded the Golden Books Adult trade division then moved on to become the editor-at-large of Regan Books/HarperCollins A native New Yorker, Laura graduated magna cum laude from Duke University.