Maile Beal


Maile Beal joined the Carol Mann Agency in 2017 as subrights manager and assistant to Myrsini Stephanides. She is seeking non-fiction ranging from fun and humorous illustrated books to narrative investigations of important and timely social issues. She is particularly interested in intersectional feminism, pop-culture and entertainment, true crime, and lifestyle and cookbooks with a fresh hook. In fiction, she’s looking for voice-driven, commercial adult and YA with strong, complex characters and endings she can't predict. In both fiction and non-fiction, she is focused on amplifying underrepresented voices and helping to diversify our collective social library. 

Originally from Hawai`i, Maile moved to the East Coast to attend Drexel University where she earned her degree in English. She spends her free time binging her latest TV obsession (currently The Good Place) with her cat, Mae. Her guilty pleasures include her favorite podcasts (My Brother, My Brother and Me, and And That's Why We Drink), nearly anything published in The Cut, videos of unusual animal friends, the dinner party episode of The Office, and irresponsible amounts of Ben and Jerry's (Cherry Garcia for celebration and Chubby Hubby for comfort).

You can follow Maile on Instagram and Twitter or email her at