Carol Mann


Carol Mann formed her own agency in 1977 after working as an editor for two years. She has overseen the careers of a diverse group of talented authors in the forty years since. Carol specializes in non-fiction (health/medical, religion, spirituality, self-help, parenting, current affairs, history, narrative non-fiction) while also taking on the occasional fiction writer. She has and continues to represent an eclectic group of clients that include: Jermaine Dupri, Samantha Marshall, Drs. Brock and Fernette Eides, Lauren Winner, Israel Finkelstein and Neil Silberman, Morris Dees, and Roy Rowan.

Laura Yorke


Laura Yorke began her 25 year career at Simon & Schuster, where she worked as an editor at three different imprints before moving to Putnam. From there she co-founded the Golden Books Adult trade division then moved on to become the editor-at-large of Regan Books/HarperCollins. A native New Yorker, Laura graduated magna cum laude from Duke University. As a literary agent as well as freelance editor, her clients include: Henry S. Lodge M.D. and Chris Crowley, bestselling authors of the Younger Next Year books, George Vaillant M.D., Jane Alexander, Aneesh Chopra, Ping Fu, Willow Bay, Jimmy Soni, Judy Estrin,  Oz Garcia, Alison Thompson, Richard Kirshenbaum, Eric Hollander, Marilyn Berger, and consumer rights activist Erin Brockovich.

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Gareth Esersky


Gareth Esersky held editorial positions at four trade publishing houses and worked as a book producer and consultant before joining the Carol Mann Agency in 1993. She represents nonfiction authors whose work falls into the following categories: health, nutrition, psychology, parenting, spirituality, Judaica, and literary and narrative nonfiction and memoir. She can be reached at


Myrsini Stephanides


Myrsini Stephanides joined the team in September 2009. She is interested in adult and children’s non-fiction projects in the areas of pop culture and music, humor of all kinds, popular science and science journalism, narrative nonfiction, memoir, business, self-help and self-care, inspiration, mind, body, spirit, politics, social justice, and activism.

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Joanne Wyckoff


Joanne Wyckoff joined the Carol Mann Agency in 2011 after spending five years with Zachary Shuster Harmsworth. Before becoming an agent, Joanne was a Senior Editor at Ballantine, a division of Random House, and Executive Editor at Beacon Press. Among the authors she worked with as an editor are Michael Thompson, Ph.D., Judith Thurman, Mary Pipher, Karen Armstrong, Bruce Barcott, Louise DeSalvo, Sven Birkerts, Jonathan Kirsch, and Anne Lamott. 

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Maile Beal


Maile Beal joined Carol Mann Agency in 2017 as subrights manager and assistant to Myrsini Stephanides. She is seeking non-fiction ranging from fun and humorous illustrated books to narrative investigations of important and timely social issues. In fiction, Maile loves stories with strong, complex characters and endings she can't predict. In both fiction and non-fiction, she is focused on amplifying underrepresented voices and helping to diversify our collective social library. 

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Agnes Carlowicz


Agnes Carlowicz joined the Carol Mann Agency as assistant to Carol Mann in late 2017. Her interests include both fiction and non-fiction, with a special passion for literature that amplifies underrepresented voices and subverts the status quo. Among others, she enjoys: intersectional feminism, millennial self-care, female-driven memoir,  true-crime, and humorous pop culture.

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