Tom Miller


Tom Miller has had a wide-ranging publishing career spanning three decades. He joined the Carol Mann Agency in October 2015 after starting his agency career with Greenburger. Prior to becoming a literary agent, Tom held executive and senior-level editorial positions at Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, Hyperion/Disney, McGraw-Hill, and Wiley as well as junior-level positions at Putnam and St. Martin’s Press.

Tom has a strong track record of handling both bestselling and award-winning narrative and prescriptive books—two examples are The Paleo Diet by Dr. Loren Cordain (which Tom acquired from the Carol Mann Agency when he was an editor) and The Third Chimpanzee by Jared Diamond (this was Diamond’s first prize-winning book). Having worked in trade, professional, academic, hardcover, mass market, and multimedia divisions at large and small publishers as well as huge media corporations, Tom has learned inside strategies to create, develop, edit, market, and sell a broadly diverse range of content.

Over his career, Tom has worked with authors including Loren Cordain, Deepak Chopra, Steve Forbes, Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades, Judy Collins, Jared Diamond, Erica Jong, Jack Cafferty, Ginger Rogers, Kirk Douglas, Dame Beryl Bainbridge, Shirley Temple Black, Paul Pearsall, Anna Murdoch, Oliver North, Annette Funicello, Charles Busch, Brian Wilson, Erich Schiffmann, Jane Aiken Hodge, Peter Straub, and Roger Walsh. His current clients include New York Times bestselling authors Dr. Fred Pescatore and Barbara Ann Kipfer; AARP; Dr. Barry Jacobs; Dr. Julia Mayer; novelist Christopher Atamian; Thomas Jackson; business consultants David Nour, Thomas Barta, and F. Patrick Barwise; and Hollywood biographer Charles Casillo.

Tom focuses primarily on these areas: wellness and health, narrative nonfiction, business, psychology and self-help, popular culture, spirituality and religion, current affairs, literary fiction, body-mind-spirit, biography and memoir, thrillers, cultural history, popular science, women’s fiction, cooking, and LGBT interest.

Please feel free to email your query including your project overview, table of contents for nonfiction or synopsis for fiction, and current bio/resume/CV (including your marketing platform) to Tom at